Commercial Project Profile: Energy Fleet Solution
July 20, 2020

Over the years, the Monroe Truck Equipment team has been tasked with finding some extraordinary solutions for the challenges our customers face every day. We aim to be a partner to our customers, and as a result our team starts with a comprehensive understanding of the challenge so that we can develop a solution that will make their work easier, safer and more reliable. Our engineering, operations and sales team works together to address every concern, and find a solution that fits.

Our team recently finished working on a unique work truck solution for a customer in the Energy industry. This customer had a fleet of work trucks, and while the truck itself was completely functional, the available storage solutions left their tools and supplies in hard to reach, often inaccessible places. Working with their team, we created a solution that addresses their setbacks, and allows their team to safely and efficiently access their tools with ease. 

We customized and installed a steel sliding tray unit located on the floor of the truck bed. This tray pulls out easily from the rear of the truck bed and offers not only easy and quick access, but better options for organization. The tray has ten compartments that are each sized to hold the specific tool or part that the Technician requires to complete their job. This option offers plenty of storage without climbing into the truck bed. This specific package also has a Topper that covers a full bed shelf that we manufacture allowing the technician to take full advantage of the entire load space. This option offers plenty of storage without climbing into the truck bed.

This solution came about because we are committed to supporting our customers in finding the solutions they need to work best. These heavy-duty drawers give our Energy customers a safer and more organized way to grab their tools quickly, and at a glance. The drawer increases driver safety, as they no longer need to climb into the truck to access their tools, and ultimately makes their work easier, and safer.