Monroe Truck Equipment Supports Community Through Protective Gear Donation
March 25, 2020

 As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect communities around the world, Monroe Truck Equipment is finding new ways to better support their team, the community at large and the dedicated healthcare workers who have to continue to fight this battle.

The Monroe team has already made great strides to extend our support. First, we purchased nearly $100,000 in gift cards from small businesses in our seven locations, and distributed those gift cards to the entire Monroe team. More recently, our Towmaster team members welded and delivered 50 metal IV stands to their local hospital after emergency care supplies were running dangerously low.

Now, in an effort to keep our healthcare workers safe and protected, we have rounded up a number of N95 masks, boots, gloves and hand sanitizer to donate to the Green County Emergency Response team. By providing Personal Protective Equipment to our first responders, we can better ensure their wellbeing, and keep them safe while they provide health care services to our community during this pandemic.

Beyond the Emergency Room, our team is purchasing hand sanitizer and donating it to restaurants and local stores so they can safely do their part to run their businesses while protecting their teams and customers. 

As for our own team, Monroe Truck Equipment has secured masks for all of our employees, across each of the seven locations so they can safely continue to work without continued risk of exposure. 

Guided by our mission of moving communities forward, the Monroe Truck Equipment team will continue our efforts in finding new ways to support our team and our community at large through this pandemic.

Various N95 Masks

A Monroe employee gives hand sanitizer to a local restaurant